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YRD Event Management
YRD Event Management

YRD Event Management provides the services and infrastructure to ensure that your conference is carefully prepared, professionally managed and financially controlled so that your goals can be achieved. As part of the planning, management and controls, YRD provides quality personal service, reports, fiscal budgeting, banking and liaison throughout each event.

With over 50 years of combined experience our team will be available to you before, during and after the conference. One of our Conference Directors, Mary Sparksman or Kate Murphy, will personally manage your event.

It is through our experience working with a diverse range of different events and organisations that we have developed the appreciation of what our clients seek to achieve by engaging professional event managers.

20 July 2018
Brisbane Fri 10:58 AM Weather
Sydney Fri 10:58 AM Weather
Mebourne Fri 10:58 AM Weather
Canberra Fri 10:58 AM Weather
Adelaide Fri 10:58 AM Weather
Perth Fri 8:58 AM Weather
Darwin Fri 10:58 AM Weather
Hobart Fri 10:58 AM Weather

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