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Going Green
Going Green
  • We fly Virgin Blue or Qantas who both support carbon offsetting/ flying carbon neutral
  • We select venues that are close to public transport which is not only convenient for the delegates but also more environmentally responsible than private transport
  • We aim where possible to invite local guest speakers to Conferences rather than international speakers in order to limit unnecessary long-haul travel and its associated environmental impact


Endeavour to select venues that have environment policies and are environmentally responsible
Discuss with hotels about their use of reusing linen and energy saving measures such as "key cards" that can regulate individual meeting room and guest room temperatures.

Reducing Waste & Recycling
  • We strongly encourage electronic registration to reduce paper waste and added convenience for delegates
  • An online version of the event program is made available to reduce mail-outs and printing of the program
  • All event related information is emailed to delegates to reduce the use of paper and also allows for faster correspondence with delegates 
  • We recycle our name tags and lanyards so that they can be re-used at each event
  • Recycled paper is used for office printing and is double-sided
  • Event proceedings and presentation slides are uploaded onto the internet for viewing after the Conference instead of printing a copy for each delegate
  • Our computers are recycled as they are donated to others who will continue to use them 
  • We encourage clients to select environmentally friendly Conference satchels which are re-usable 
  • YRD encourages the purchase and use of environmentally friendly products where possible and within cost boundaries 


16 August 2018
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